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Beat the Bot (Mar 18 - 23)

Are you ready to prove your cold calling skills are top-notch? Shoot your shot & try to beat the bot, out-rank your peers and even take out some influencers (March 18 - 23)

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Competition has completed. The top 10 sellers from Round 2 will be awarded prizes soon!

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Beat the Bot

The ultimate cold calling showdown, You vs. The Bot.
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Are you ready to prove your cold calling skills are top-notch? Sellers face off against our sophisticated AI bot in a battle of salesmanship. Shoot your shot and try to beat the bot, out-rank your peers and even take out a few influencers.


Competitors will use Hyperbound's platform to make cold calls to a simulated B2B buyer AI bot. Each participant will be selling the same product to the same ideal customer profile and you will be provided all the details to make a great call.


As an SDR/BDR, your goal is to secure the next meeting. Your score will be based on meeting attainment, talk time, questions asked, and more. Feel free to practice ahead of time by visiting hyperbound.ai!


Feel free to practice ahead of time by visiting hyperbound.ai!

Sign Up


March 7 - 18

The contest goes live on March 18th at 9:00 am EST. Sign up on the waitlist above now. We'll email you when it's time to enter the competition.

Round 1


March 18 - 20

Start making your calls after 9 am EST on March 18th.

Round 2 (The Finals)


March 21 - 22

If you qualify (only the top 100 sellers will), compete again!

Winners Announced


March 23

Follow real-time scores on our leaderboard to see if you've won.

Awards include:

  • Social Badges for all finalists
  • Special prizes for the top 5 sellers
  • Social media "brag cards" for those who beat the influencers

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Roleplay with realistic
conversational AI buyers

Give your SDRs & AEs a way to practice cold and discovery calls without burning real leads.

Free up your sales managers to focus on strategy and development, not roleplays.

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Don't take our word for it, here's what our users have to say...

"Lawyers practice law. Pro golfers practice golf. Most salespeople wing it, leading to chronic underperformance. Hyperbound has a great solution to this problem to truly professionalize sales."

Cory Bray

Cory Bray

Co-Founder & Sales Coach @ CoachCRM

"Getting to drill call scenarios without throwing reps into live customer situations is a game changer. My team can spend hours perfecting their talk tracks without me being there or the pressure of 'wasting' client opportunities."

Ryan Scalera

Ryan Scalera

Sales Manager & Sales Trainer @ Lob

"Loved the product from the moment I used it. As a BDR who makes calls alot, I was able to practice more often without waiting for a teammate to role play."

Chikaodi Emmanuel

Chikaodi Emmanuel

BDR @ Mosaic.tech

"Hyperbound is the most useful tool I've seen for cold call training and enablement, for newcomers and veterans alike."

Jake Murtaugh

Jake Murtaugh

BDR @ Semperis

"Hyperbound is an invaluable training tool for SDRs and AEs. I was amazed by the responsiveness of the AI buyer persona because it felt like an actual cold call. Hyperbound is truly one of a kind!"

Genira Nurse

Genira Nurse

SDR @ Forter

"Roleplays helped me become a top seller, but the downside is how unrealistic the conversations can be with peers. The conversation with Hyperbound's AI tool actually felt like a customer call, with objections and questions delivered from the prospect as they would be on a real call. Ramping a new rep to profitability in 4 weeks instead of 12 will allow us to hit our pipeline targets consistently."

Drew Coryer

Drew Coryer

SDR Manager from Webflow

"Even with great scripts and sales trainers, you canโ€™t be confident in your reps' call skills unless they practice. I'm excited for this tech because it lets your reps get the practice they need without burning prospects. They build their skills, your win rates go up, your prospects have a better impression of your business, and you sleep easier at night. Hyperbound will be a household name among sales tech in no time."

Josh Norris

Josh Norris

Sales Leader & GTM Consultant

"First off the tool is fun to use. Second it undoubtedly helped me warm up & would be great for someone learning to sell to a new persona or practice against increasingly difficult prospects."

Kellen Casebeer

Kellen Casebeer

Founder @ CliAcquire

"This tool is truly mind blowing. I've been in sales for years and I wish I had something like this. Every sales team, leader, and SDR should integrate this into their tech stack. It would have saved us hundreds of hours in training and costs. I highly recommend Hyperbound!!"

George Munguia

George Munguia

Founder & CEO @ ThunderStrike.ai

"When I heard about the SDR training model, I was immediately excited. Having led SDR teams in the past I knew there was a real need and this would be a game-changer."

Deidre Hudson

Deidre Hudson

VP of Revenue Marketing @ Bloomfire

"Situational enablement is critical for outbound success. Hyperbound's AI allows reps to build confidence and perfect their pitch regardless of persona and personality, while ensuring managers can help to score and coach for continued success."

Mollie Bodensteiner

Mollie Bodensteiner

Revenue Ops Leader @ Sound Agriculture

"Hyperbound's AI roleplay calling tool is incredible. It's great for SDRs and SDR Leaders. From being an SDR Leader and having spoken to more than 100 SDR Leaders in the past couple months, I know how difficult our jobs can be. With Hyperbound it helps SDR teams that are wanting to book more meetings through calling easier. It allows SDRs to practice both their soft sales skills and also to qualify even more effectively. It also gives a ton of time back to Sales Development Leaders so they can focus more time on operationalizing their team, strategy, and while creating a stronger team calling culture all at the same time."

Dale Thorn

Dale Thorn

SDR Leader

"Hyperbound's AI is a powerful tool that has many applications, from interviews, onboarding, to upskilling your employees. Hyperbound helps to eliminate 'dial anxiety' and build confidence before ever speaking to a prospect."

Bill Vogler

Bill Vogler

Director of Business Development @ Winston Staffing

"My first time using HyperBound was truly remarkable. After years of cold calling, it's lifelike simulation was like nothing else I've seen. The call analysis reveals areas of improvement, proving that even seasoned salespeople can continuously refine their skills!"

Phil Bowe

Phil Bowe

AE @ Datadog

"Cold calling is a skill that sales pros build over a lifetime. I enjoyed being caught off gaurd, even after a decade of selling!"

Megan Fulton

Megan Fulton

CEO @ VioletX

"As soon as I heard the AI respond to my opener, I knew this product was a game changer. Always wanted an AI to practice with, and this is exactly what I was thinking about. Excited for this to take off!"

Zachary McEady

Zachary McEady

SDR @ Intuit

"Hyperbound is a game changer for sales teams. When I was training and managing BDRs, my biggest bottleneck was coaching time. I simply couldn't give my team with the amount of 1:1 call training hours that they needed. Hyperbound completely relieves this bottleneck."

Pete Crowley

Pete Crowley

Founder @ 3D CO

Best in class.

Hyperbound's AI is built to emulate the most realistic scenarios in your ICP to turn your average reps into top performers in no time


increase in conversions


decrease in ramp time

6+ hrs/week

time saved for managers

Tailor your AI to your ICP

Customize your AI to for your ICP, value props, and common objections.

Build AI-generated scorecards

Score your reps on their cold and discovery call performance.

Make data-driven decisions

Track your reps' progress in real-time all in one place to make data-driven decisions.

Coach your reps

Help your reps identify areas of improvement and build call confidence

Try the Hyperbound demo today and experience a roleplay scenario in realtime

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