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Adapt automated sales emails with AI

Say goodbye to boring, generic templates. Hyperbound instantly researches your prospects using domain-specific knowledge in your CRM and public internet data sources to generate high quality, reliable personalized emails at scale that don’t need human review
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An AI sales & marketing engine built for you

Seamless integration with your existing tools

Connect with your favorite CRM, sales engagement tools, and data enrichment sources
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    Import your contacts & sequences from Outreach, Salesloft, HubSpot, or Apollo with one click

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    Connect your CRM to fetch prospect data, including intent signals, historical touchpoints, etc.

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    Fetch data across 40+ web sources, like LinkedIn, Google, and more

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Automatic tone-adaptation based on persona

Adjust the tone of your emails based on the prospect's background & personality
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    Segment your contacts by personality traits and experience level

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    Your AI will adapt to different personas and their preferred messaging styles

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    Learns the best messaging that resonates with your prospect

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Your AI engine learns from you

Got some domain-specific knowledge? Just tell your AI assistant in plain English what you want
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    Feed your AI existing templates to teach it your voice

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    Automatically detect pain points and commonalities between your value prop and your prospect's needs

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    Tell your AI what to change in your output and hit regenerate

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Trustworthy Autopilot

Scale your outbound and send thousands of emails
with one click without compromising quality

Protect your brand reputation

Send worry-free emails at scale because your brand reputation is our #1 priority

Maintain your brand identity and your voice

Only send emails that are in your voice and resonate with your brand identity

Information accuracy and consistency

We hold our AI to the highest standards, guardrailing
it so that it only reports accurate information on your prospect

Build your first Hyperbound campaign in minutes

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